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I keep dithering about whether to request Kansas City Royals RPF for Yuletide this year.

  • clearly the thing I have been most fannish about this year, in terms of time spent watching it, listening to it, talking about it, reading about it, etc., etc.
  • definitely rare, in that there's all of one piece of Hosmer/Moustakas on AO3 which seems to be very vague brief pining and also it is in Chinese
  • makes me giddy with enthusiasm
  • at Christmas I may be mourning another postseason heartbreak and someone will have written something to cheer me up

  • too rare?
  • I mean, I'm actually getting shippier stuff from the spots they run on Fox Sports Kansas City than from fandom at this point, which is just wrong
  • realistically not a fandom that anyone is going to pick up on a whim, either
  • on the off chance that anyone does write it I may still be too distraught from postseason heartbreak at Christmas to read it

I dunno. I feel like getting overinvested in a bunch of dorks in frumpy uniforms was a poor life choice.

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Hahah. I wouldn't worry about heartbreak. I'd write one for you if I knew/cared enough. ESP if you have heartbreak. It seems like another devastating loss would be just the thing that teammates should help each other with......
Maybe I'll throw together some kind of primer/ship manifesto/collection of deranged ramblings for your perusal!
Do you know of any Seattle Mariners RPF? And are you shipping any presidential candidates yet? Just wondering... :)
I haven't spotted any! I'm somewhat familiar with the Mariners' lineup from watching them play the Royals this year, but I didn't happen to catch any good shipping fodder. Got any suggestions? :D