I tried to get a look at it just now, but seemingly failed *sigh*
Hahaha. As is par for the course for every celestial event, IT IS OVERCAST.

I think the last unimpeded lunar eclipse I saw was in Georgia, which means it would have been 10+ years ago. There have been other ones that have been too late to bother with, probably.

The timing was pretty convenient. Even my dad managed to see it while still going to bed really early, as is his wont.
Took me quite a while just to find the moon. Kept walking up and down my street here in Seattle, saying, "Where the hell is it?!!" Too many buildings and artificial lighting in the way. When it finally appeared right over 2nd Avenue, half a block from my building, I was bouncing up and down like a little kid, yelling, "There it is! I see it! I see it!" ;)