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Wednesday reading — unforeseen consequences

What I've been reading

I read Penhallow, which was a distinct departure from all the other Georgette Heyer mysteries I've been reading. Apparently it served to end a contract with a publisher that Heyer was not finding congenial, and it seems that a lot of readers hate it. I actually quite liked it, even though it's in a much grimmer, more scathing vein. It also frustrates expectations by ultimately not even being a proper inverted detective story—the readers know who the murderer is, but the police never figure it out.

I read Fuzzy Mud, Louis Sachar's new book. It's a fun, relatively short and straightforward middle grade thriller. Personally, I thought the bridge games in The Cardturner were more exciting, but I'm weird. And I love that book.

I read The Dark Forest, the sequel to the (now Hugo-award winning!) Three-Body Problem. It definitely feels like a middle book in a trilogy, especially with all time skips, and it's maybe overly long, but I kind of liked that. The first book set up a situation that was going to take centuries to resolve. I am definitely looking forward to the third book.

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