Wednesday reading — transformations

What I've been reading

I read Cricket for Dummies, which I felt would be about at my level of understanding. I had always felt like I had some idea of how cricket worked from P. G. Wodehouse and Murder Must Advertise, but then I watched some actual video of people playing cricket and could not tell what was going on at all, much less aspire to maybe one day write fic with pivotal cricket scenes. I think the book did help somewhat.

I read Black Orchid, the Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean miniseries. It does something that interests me that you pretty much only see in comics for the big two, taking a bunch of disparate raw material from the comics universe and shaping it into a coherent story.

What I'm reading now

I started rereading Red Dragon in anticipation of the Becoming that starts tomorrow. I'm really interested to see how the show tackles adapting some material relatively head-on.

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