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Wednesday reading — Ned and Jane

What I've been reading

I read Re Jane, a retelling of Jane Eyre as a half-Korean, half-American orphan who grows up in Queens and takes a nanny job in Brooklyn. I really liked it, both as a version of Jane Eyre—it's very playful with its references but not slavish in its plot structure—and as a book about a Korean family living in NYC and their relationship with their family in Korea.

"Ed" is a really boring jerk once he and Jane get together, forcing her to dump him. I can get the people who think that Mr. Rochester is an irredeemable jerk, but the last kind of jerk he would be is a boring jerk. This is the guy who pursued a fake engagement and then trolled the entire neighborhood dressed as a gypsy because reasons. Aside from never reaching these heights of ridiculousness, Ed never suffers anything comparable to Rochester's blinding and maiming, which I feel like is a fairly convincing life-changing experience.

I reread To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I hadn't done in some time. Of all Connie Willis's books, I feel like it is the best, just because it does the best job of incorporating all of her tendancies in service of the perfect book to harness them, which conveniently happens to be made up of things that I love.

What I'm reading now

I just started Nemesis Games, the new Expanse book.

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