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Wednesday reading —reception

What I've been reading

I read The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature. In spite of adoring the Narnia books, I haven't really read any of C. S. Lewis's other books. Out of next-most-readily-availble titles, I'm not really interested in his apologetics, and I was spoiled for the enraging end of the Space trilogy and haven't ever really been at a point where I thought my blood pressure was too low and I should do something about that, and The Screwtape Letters was okay, I guess. I had higher hopes for this one, though, and I found it really delightful. Like the subtitle says, it's pitched at an introductory level, but specifically it focuses on a common mental model of the universe with shared sources and imagery.

I read The Afterlife of Little Women, which is not uniformly delightful and occasionally bogs down in what seem to me like unproductive tangents—just how much material should you expect to get out of a handful of stills. a few lines of advertising copy and scant and cursory reviews of a lost silent film? does it actually occupy more pages of the book than the three extant films, or does it just feel that way?—but it is interesting enough if you are interested in the history of the reception of Little Women.

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