Wednesday reading — Spring cleaning

What I've been reading

Nothing. Actually, I've been cataloguing all my books with Delicious Library—I have, like, thousands of them, and a bunch of them are old, which is so annoying, because you have to type in the ISBNs, or they don't even have ISBNs and good luck even finding the right edition, you probably have to enter the whole thing from scratch, and sometimes even for recent books I can't find the correct cover art in a Google images search and I have to take pictures of the books myself—and I got so sick of books that I never want to see another book again. Like, what is even the point? Either I've already read them, which means that I don't need to keep them, or I haven't read them, in which case how interesting can they be if they've been sitting on my shelves unread all this time?

Luckily, it turns out that some of them are actually pretty valuable, so I'm just going to sell them all. That is going to free up so much space. I'll finally be able to put pictures on my walls!

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I need to purge a crapton of toddler toys and kids clothes. And by purge, I'll probably just put the stuff on my doorstep with a big "FREE" sign on it.
At first glance I thought you said you were going to put your kids in the free box.
They flooded the bathroom last night while I was talking with sister, and then today they ran through the sprinklers on the soccer field (sprinklers? whuh? during the day? in CA? some little girl said that they were spraying "toilet water"), so the past 20 hours of generated laundry hasn't been reassuring and yes, they're lucky the free boxes are small.