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Wednesday reading — thrills, laughs and musical numbers

What I've been reading

I read The Messenger of Athens, which is the first of a series of mysteries set in (modern) Greece, because a friend of mine saw the author speak in England. I enjoyed it and have placed holds on the rest of the books in the series.

I read Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster), Dave Barry's latest book. It has overly-generous margins and spacing to make it look like a longer book than it actually is, which I feel is unnecessary, but it still has more funny material in it than his last couple of similarly-typeset nonfiction tomes. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about the 2014 World Cup.

I read All the Birds, Singing, which is a book that I definitely saw recommended somewhere, although I seem to have forgotten where almost immediately. Whoops. Anyway, I was really enjoying it right up until the very end, when I feel like it fell on its face in a big way. I dislike abrupt, unnecessarily confusing endings, and I dislike when a work of heretofor realistic fiction suddenly throws in a supernatural element, so it was doubly unsatisfactory to me. Also what is it with mysterious protagonist backstories featuring scarred backs and prostitution in literary fiction this season?

I read Behind a Mask, which was the first collection of Louisa May Alcott's pseudonymous thrillers that Madeleine Stern edited. The titular story is my favorite of all the stories in both collections and definitely a good choice.

I read Station Eleven, which grrm recommended in his for your consideration post, and which I also thought was excellent.

I read Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story, the companion to Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I've been disappointed in David Levithan's last few books but adored this one, which is obviously a labor of enormous love and enthusiasm and does really great things with the musical format, especially the stage directions. My favorite of which is "Bonus points if you can find an actress for Lynda [the babysitter] who has hair long enough to sit on. She was that awesome.” ♥

I read The Annotated Importance of Being Earnest, which just came out last month and which I happened to come across when I was looking to see if my library had the 2002 movie version on DVD. (They didn't, although Netflix is streaming it.) It has a good introduction, good annotations and good illustrations.

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