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literary mixology

This weekend I happened to find myself with some friends at a bar that has a Vesper on its cocktail menu. Naturally, I had to order one, for the experience, if nothing else. It turned out to be extremely smooth with only a slight undercurrant of bitterness, which seemed appropriate.

Meanwhile James Bond bookverse fic continues to be extremely rare, even before you take into account that 60% of it is overtagged movieverse fic. And I am bitter about that, because I like the books so much better than even the Daniel Craig movies.

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Oh how I want to move back to KC to do stuff like go to bars where there is parking. Or to see symphonies/operas.
They had this major golf tournament last weekend here, including the MetLife blimp, and one of the things you got for volunteering to help was a 50% off coupon for greens fees for Pebble Beach or one of the other associated courses. Meaning it would *only* cost you $250 to play, excluding fees/tips. What a great deal!
Oh my god, that is insane. And more expensive than golfing the Old Course at St. Andrews, because that only costs £170 during the high season.
I've never been to Pebble Beach, because just to get into the neighborhood costs $10, unless some resident puts your name on "the List." Talk about doing your hardest to keep the riff-raff out.

Ironically, when we had that wind/rain storm two months ago, the power crews didn't even respond to PB until after it was over because there is so much dead wood up in there. (I did have to wonder if the utility crews weren't charged $10 per vehicle.)