Mai Yamani

a few stray Alias thoughts

That explosion in Russia at the beginning did not exactly stand up to the harsh light of the camera directly on it. It would have had a lot more impact (ha, I slay me) if they had played coy as they so frequently do, with excellent effect.

Weiss turns me into a great puddle of melty goo, yes indeedy he does. Naturally, this causes me to fear that he is being set up to be killed off.

Sydney's hair was very dark and flat. Except for when she went all doppelganger with the ponytail with blond in it. Also, she was so right about that disguise -- certainly the most unflattering thing I can remember her going out in. Snerk. Sark had to be thinking, That can't be Sydney ... Sydney looks much better than that.

A real first edition Alice is a rare thing indeed, because Carroll recalled it over a quibble about typography. My university has several (so that's where my tuition goes!) of the remaining 22 and I have actually been in the same room as them. In 1998 one went for $1.5 million (no thousands here!), so I'm assuming the one Syd had and Weiss priced was a different first edition. :D
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