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and though you may lose your path

I dragged my parents to see Into the Woods for my birthday. My mom hates it because the ending is insufficiently happy (she also prefers what she calls 'light-hearted murders') and my dad was sort of neutral, but it being my birthday they were forced to go along with it.

I thought most of the bits that they actually included were nicely done, even if the cuts were utterly inexplicable. How could anyone think that leaving out "Ever After" was acceptable, much less a good idea? They had so much fun with "Agony"; why would they give up the opportunity to reprise it? But, you know, you can still watch the original Broadway production any time you want, which is more than you can say for most of them, sadly.

I have to say, they didn't really make Meryl Streep ugly enough to be the cursed witch, although I can see where that would be hard. Because Meryl Streep. She looks amazing after the curse is reversed, though. It's a challenging look, but she pulls it off. Because Meryl Streep.

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On the whole, I love the film adaptation. Jack and his mother in particular = A+
Jack and his mother were superb! It was so weird to have Milky White played by a cow, though. :D