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2014 books in review

This was fun last year, so I have once again used my data from Goodreads to construct some charts!

5 stars 76, 4 stars 101, 3 stars 65, 2 stars 18, 1 star 1

First, the star ratings that I gave books. Four stars is by far the most common, because I do at least try to read books that I'm going to like a lot. I was also pretty free with five stars and three stars, chary of two stars, and only read a single book that I gave only one star. I enjoy leaving scathing reviews but do prefer to mostly not waste my time reading books that deserve them. I pretty much just hate-skimmed that one because I wanted to be informed when I hated on it.

ebook 141, my book 54, library book 93, interlibrary loan 14

A little under half the books I read last year were ebooks, the rest being either mine, the library's, or interlibrary loan requests.

fiction 245, nonfiction 62

Over three-quarters were fiction.

children's and YA 107, adult 138

I read almost exactly the same number of adult fiction books as last year, but twenty-seven more children's and YA books. Interestingly, that increase is almost entirely accounted for by the twenty-two Baby-sitters Club books that I reread as part of my canon review for Yuletide, which I suppressed from my usual Wednesday reading posts to maintain secrecy.

new 227, reread 80

That wasn't the only rereading I indulged in last year. I also finished rereading the Alleyn mysteries and reread all of Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, in addition to miscellaneous other books. I feel guilty about rereading books sometimes because there are so many books I haven't read and want to, many of which are in piles around me at this very moment. On the other hand, books I've already read are easy to pick up because they're a known quantity, and there's pretty much always something that I didn't notice or appreciate before the latest reread.

War and Peace 1,273, other books 77,774

Finally, according to Goodreads, War and Peace made up 1.6% of the pages that I read last year.

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I should do the same thing. I'm wondering how many of the 29K+ pages I read last year were Harry Potter and Nancy Drew, because it felt like a whole damned lot.
Oooh, good idea!

I came up with 10,336 pages of Nancy Drew, so over a third of your total. Harry Potter is another 4,100, or at least that's the figure that they give for the box set.
Yeah, the Nancy Drew was too much. At least I didn't try to read 100 SVH or something, though I suppose those are shorter on the whole.
Yeah, I think that's more than the recommended yearly allowance of Nancy Drew. Especially with the way they're constantly reiterating the premise and rehashing the same tropes, which becomes painfully apparent when you're reading them all so close together.
I did appreciate the "Nancy travels the world" subseries, including visiting the Gateway Arch and some still-existing restaurants in N'Awlins. Lots of travel information, but I don't think the revision squad effectively updated the book that took place in Kenya (not that they ever called it Kenya; they just referred to Nairobi and the visiting Indians/Arabs). And yes, eventually the device of knocking Nancy out was all but retired.

Weirdly enough, the best book in the whole series was #9, which I'd read before. And there is no chronology to the series at all, which is something that Sweet Valley has going for it, in theory anyway. And sex.
Awh man and here I was happy about having read 100 books! You are a machine! (War and Peace is fun--I hope the good husband and wife team translation and not the Goriunova!)
Hee! To be fair, a lot of those are much shorter and/or less serious and frequently contain pictures. Still, I have to admit, I do spend a lot of time with some kind of book in front of my face.

Yes, definitely the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation!