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I anti-Marriage Protection Weeked two of my icons for good measure.

I half-wish I were back in Missouri, and surrounded by people who actually think Marriage Protection Week is a good idea, so I could preach to them instead.
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[Our cribbage game and my adding skills must've been pretty bad music.]

A quote:

Their efforts are intended to force, by law, 97% of Americans to bow down to the desires of the approximately 3% who are homosexuals.

     ::American Family Association

Yes, American Family Association, I am freaking scared as hell. I am afraid that homosexuals will manipulate the concept of marriage, in order to oppress mankind, thus becoming the oligarchy under which America will be cruelly subjected.

I mean, of course. That follows perfectly.
Re: Indeed
Right, because those alleged 3% will force every single one of the 97% to enter into a marriage with them! Or something. Um, remind me what we're so worried about here again?
Re: Indeed
Well, I am the kind of person who, when scared, would rather stand and fight rather than run away.

Except maybe when I encounter either that noise from The Ring or various types of crawly-wormy-bug thingies, especially if they are fuzzy.

Although, in the latter case, I'm more 'grossed out' than 'stricken with fear'.

And also note that by 'fight' I may mean, 'flail my arms wildly.'
Re: Indeed
So, no fuzzy worms/noise from The Ring slash?

Good, I wasn't planning on writing that anyway. :D
Re: Indeed
I used 'rather' twice in the same sentence.

Poor style.

I have shamed myself as a writer, and surely have dishonored everyone around me.

Re: Indeed

The little text entry box is so seductive. It whispers in your ear: "You don't really need to reread what you just wrote. Hit 'Post Comment'. Do it."
Peter Marvolo Rabbit? BEST ICON EVER! DO you mind if I steal the idea for an icon of my own?