Goth Detectives

Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014

As is traditional, I watched/played along with this year's Big Fat Quiz of the Year. I only managed twenty points out of a possible 42, which put me lower than even Mickey Flanigan and Mel B., although at least unlike the latter I wasn't making a sour face during the entire program and actually managed to laugh from time to time. Some of the past token non-comedians to appear on the show have been a bit awkward, but I don't remember any of them being so actively hostile to having anything to do with it. The whole thing seems to have been a gigantic mistake on the parts of everyone involved.

It wasn't all terrible, though. Sarah Milican's team won! David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade made a very good team and came in a respectable second! And there's going to be a Big Fat Anniversary Quiz next week, featuring a Goth Detectives reunion!

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