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What I've been reading

I read Reality Boy—I knew that A. S. King had a new book out, but I didn't realize that there was also another one that I hadn't read. It's about a boy whose life was ruined when he made a disastrous appearance on a Supernanny-style show when he was a kid, except that the real problems with his family not only went deeper than what was shown on the show, they were greater than he was able to understand until much later.

I also read Glory O'Brien's History of the Future, A. S. King's new new book. I was not expecting the title to be so literal, since all of her other books have been realistic fiction, but this one has a new twist on the YA dystopia, wherein Glory pieces together the details of what is going to happen through the atemporal visions that she gets when she sees other people after she drinks the pulverized remains of a dead bat.

I reread Bring on the Girls: The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy with Pictures to Prove It, P. G. Wodehouse's co-memoir with his collaborator, Guy Bolton. It is enormously entertaining, and the way that Wodehouse writes about how writing for the stage helped him think about how to plot his novels is really interesting.

I reread Performing Flea: A Self Portrait in Letters, a collection of letters that Wodehouse wrote to his schoolfriend and fellow author, Bill Townend. Since the last time that I read this book—and I have read both it and Bring on the Girls repeatedly—I have learned enough about the respective sports to perceive that the one that Wodehouse refers to both playing and watching as "football" is in fact what I know as "rugby". This was a wholly unexpected revelation.

I read Unmade, the third book in the Lynburn Legacy trilogy, I don't know why—completionism? Curiosity? Desire to see if I was still convinced that there was only about enough plot spread over all three books to make one reasonably-paced one? (Spoiler: yes.) Oh well.

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