Wednesday reading — gods, elves and dragons

What I've been reading

I finished The Widow's House, the penultimate book in the Dagger and the Coin sequence. As I would imagine anyone who is reading these books has been anticipating since the beginning, Cithrin finally invented bank notes the same way the Bank of England did it, by 'lending' a great deal of gold to a monarch which will never be paid back. Which I'm not sure, actually, if the Governor and Company of the Bank of England fully realized just how much they were changing the world at the time? Whereas Cithrin, with her creator's hindsight, is pretty acutely aware. Still, on the whole, I like the way it tries to make economics as much of a part of the plot as dragons, and this book also finally gives us the last living dragon and more insight into what the dragons were about when there were more of them. I look forward to the upcoming final book.

I read the first eleven issues of Thor: God of Thunder, collected as The God Butcher and Godbomb. I hadn't been keeping up with events in Asgard that didn't pertain to Loki and thus had absolutely new idea what was going on when I picked up the first issue of the new Thor featuring a female Thor and decided that I needed to backread. Both of these trades form one long story, which is actually reasonably dense and interesting. It eventually has three Thors from different periods in his life getting together and complaining about how much they hate time travel, which is pretty great.

I read the new Peter Grant book, Foxglove Summer. It mostly backburners That Thing That Happened at the End of the Last Book in favor of a standalone mystery about missing children, but it adds a few nice bits of worldbuilding to the series, and anyway I feel like the main reason to read these books is Peter's narrative voice.

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