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I idly browsed over to the Baseball RPF tag on AO3, and not only is there no Royals fic (and no, seriously, why is there no Salvador Pérez/Lorenzo Cain or Eric Hosmer/Mike Moustakas?), every page I scrolled through was nothing but San Francisco Giants fic.

It's like game seven of the World Series all over again. Seriously, fandom, why you gotta hurt me like this?

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This is terrible news. God how many with Madison Buttpirate? Or the panda guy?

(Even after watching 7 games, those are the only two I remember, along with some guy named Buster. So much for staying power.)
There are exactly 69 fics featuring MadBum, so insert juvenile snickering here. Poor Pablo Sandoval is only tagged in 30 stories, and only half of those actually have him in a relationship with somebody else.

The popularity of both, however, is utterly dwarfed by Tim Lincecum, who features in 300 stories (!) and is paired with all kinds of people, including Neal Caffrey, who is a fictional art forger who lives in New York City. I'm not sure which of these facts about him makes this relationship the most implausible. Buster Posey is a distant second with 233 stories. There are 90 stories tagged Hunter Pence, and none of them is tagged as a Home Alone crossover, which disappoints me even more.
Oh yeah, Hunter Pence. A really young Matthew McConahaugey or however you spell it.

Maybe it's because Tim's last name conveniently contains the word "cum." Or maybe he's some sort of old dude.
Oh man, Tim Lincecum was that pitcher who came on as a reliever in the 7th in game two of the World Series who had the most utterly bizarre way of throwing the ball that I have ever seen. Here is a slow-motion video so you can see all of the directions in which he flails all four of his limbs as he is delivering the ball. I kept boggling at him at regular speed, thinking that he was going to hurt himself doing that, and in fact he subsequently went off in the eighth inning complaining of back tightness.

Plus, you know, his name does contain the word "cum". Could be nominative determinism at work.