:-( I feel your pain.

Actually, 2 minutes after it ended (118 seconds after I turned off the TV), C proceeded to throw a huge fit and that distracted me. My brother in law apparently wept pretty bitterly. I wonder how much more bearable it would have been if the two commentators hadn't been so totally and utterly and obviously in favor of the Giants.

Luckily we don't watch TV at our house anymore so I won't see any parades or whatever. I won't see next week's election returns either, for better or worse.
Yeah, those fucking commentators and their lavish tonguebath really added insult to injury. Specifically, the injury to Perez, because I honestly feel like if he had been physically able to run, the Royals' chances of getting that third run in somewhere were pretty good. I mean, sure, maybe they lose the game anyway, and I would have been sad about that but not mad like I am now.

Also, before the game I was thinking it would be hilarious for someone to dress up as Madison Bumgarner for Halloween, but at this point I don't even want to hear about butts, granaries or the capital of Wisconsin.
I'd really never cared about the Royals but now even if they suck I'll still be a fan for life, if only because of the David and Goliath treatment of this year.

And yeah, what the hell? TWO Royals got *beaned* by pitches and it was like "oops, that got away from Affedlt" when it hit Alex Gordon on the back. But the fat guy who crowded the plate (Sandoval) got brushed on the knuckles and it was like "ooh, out of control pitching by Guthrie!" I guess it paid off for them though.

I suppose Pablo Sandoval got gypped out of his MVP by Madison Buttpirate. I was a lot more scared watching him than I was the pitcher. .429+ in elimination games? That guy scored two of the three runs!
Yeah, Sandoval was totally robbed, although I'm not exactly weeping for him and his three championship rings. (Has anyone ever won four and then had them made into brass knuckles? I'm not saying someone should do this, but someone should totally do this. Except not the Giants, because I hate them now and wish only ill on their future endeavors.)

My favorite piece of non-coverage was when they cut to a long shot of the Giants' empty bullpen in the eighth (?) inning just to show that nobody was there. I'm no expert, but surely it is traditional to cover what is happening in preference to what is not? I mean, it was asinine how they kept cutting to shots of Madison Bumgarner sitting on the bench, but at least there was the possibility that they would catch him picking his nose or something. Nothing is going to happen in an empty bullpen. It is empty. Meanwhile I believe Wade Davis was striking a dude out, but I'm not totally sure, because it happened off-screen.

I found myself really liking the Royals. They seem like good teammates.
Well, he'll be a free agent in like seventeen minutes, so if he wins another it won't be with the Giants.

Yeah, Royals seemed down-to-earth like they were just having fun.

A little girl in our homeschool co-op was wearing a 2010 World Series Champs Giants shirt this morning and I wanted to punch her. It wasn't her fault though and the shirt was definitely a hand-me-down but I had to exercise considerable restraint far too early in the morning.

This reminds me of my youth spent passionately caring whether the Pittsburgh Pirates won games or not.
I swear off baseball forever! Or at least until I know how many of the current Royals will be on next year's roster. One of the two. *g*
Random LJ'r who also happens to be a KC'r. I, too, was like "Waaaat?" So close. We came SO CLOSE.
I know! I mean, what the team accomplished is still incredible, but we were SO CLOSE to taking it all. It would have been a glorious thing.