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Wednesday reading — tricks and treats

What I've been reading

I read Trickster: Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection. It was…really, really uneven in its execution. A lot of the art I didn't care for, and some of it seemed just straight-up bad to me. Also, there was at least one story that was lettered in Comic Sans and another that was lettered in Papyrus, which was horrifying to me. I never really know how to give star ratings to something like that—there were a few stories that I thought were really enjoyable, but the collection as a whole shows poor judgment.

I read Freaky Monday, which I was also disappointed with, as it turned out to be co-written with the screenwriter of the 2004 Freaky Friday movie and wasn't really in the vein that I was looking for. It's even set in California instead of New York.

I reread all four Frog and Toad books ahead of my Yuletide signups this year. (I'm still working on my letter.) Unsurprisingly I still really love them.

I reread Sixth Grade Secrets, not for any particular reason, just because it was close at hand and I was feeling unwell and it was one of my favorite kids books. I still remember all of the Pig City and Monkey Town songs.

I read number9dream, which I think I actually started listening to as an audiobook a while ago but never finished because it wasn't working for me in that format. It constantly veers off into shitthatdidnthappen.txt before backtracking and resuming the actual narrative in a way that that was just impossible for me to follow aurally, whereas by contrast I loved Cloud Atlas as an audiobook.

I reread Tombs, Temples & Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt, Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters's other nonfiction book about Egypt. I love the personality of these books; they're like a class with a professor that you adore.

What I'm reading next

More Egypt stuff! I just got a batch of interesting-looking interlibrary loans in, so I'm excited. Nine more days until November!

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