deaths in the children's section

I just saw that Zilpha Keatley Snyder has died, coincidentally two days after I was moved to reread The Egypt Game. (I checked because it could have been the same day and it wasn't, but it was close.)

I also just learned that Mary Rodgers died back in June and that she published a book called Freaky Monday in 2009. I loved Freaky Friday when I was a kid and the 1970s New York it describes was far more fantastic to me than the idea of body-switching.

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Dangit--too bad about Ms. Snyder. The Egypt Game was a favorite of mine back in the day too. Not really familiar with Freaky Friday/Monday...
Yep, she will be remembered by a lot of her readers, for sure.

The other place you might recognize Mary Rodgers from is that she was the daughter of Richard Rodgers of Rodgers & Hammerstein fame and wrote musical theatre herself, her best-known musical being Once Upon a Mattress.