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Doctor Who 8x03: The Robots of Sherwood

Now that was a properly fun episode of Doctor Who. After last week's undercooked mess of good, evil, souls and daleks I was honestly starting to worry that Twelve just wasn't going to have any good episodes and it made me sad, especially since I thought that Peter Capaldi was a great piece of casting and he had a really great outfit.

I love the history of all the ways people have conceived of or depicted the middle ages at least as much as I love actual medieval history and I thought the way they managed to play it both ways with Robin Hood was fun. He, Twelve and Clara were my favorite historical figure/Doctor/companion trio since Eleven, Amy and Vincent van Gogh, although admittedly in a far more frivolous vein.

Next week's episode looks properly creepy, too, so I'm much more optimistic about this series than I was.

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