New Doctor, new Who

Something went wrong with the playback of the first version that I had downloaded about a half an hour in, and so we ended up only watching the rest of the episode last night. If that doesn't sound like an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm, I suppose that's roughly accurate.

In case you're wondering, we were cut off the first time while the Doctor and Clara were talking in the restaurant, but before they had realized that anything was wrong about the restaurant, so unbeknownst to me this was almost the precise moment where the episode finally perked up a bit. I'm honestly fairly tolerant of middling Moffat episodes, and I'm fine with his perseveration on creepy clockwork people because dude, clockwork people are creepy. It's a thing.

The arch, meta treatment of the regeneration didn't do a lot for me, honestly. I mostly cringed throughout Vastra and Clara's fangirl slap fight about who is a real Doctor Who fan how to react to the Doctor's new regeneration. I was a bit charmed, I will admit, by Twelve's little monologue about Peter Capaldi's face, especially the bit about his eyebrows ceding from his face and setting up their own independent state of eyebrows—I'm giggling helplessly now just recalling it. It's such a ridiculously great description of his eyebrows combined with a doofy current affairs joke! At the same time, it feels like more of a fandom, maybe particularly because it reminds me when Matt Smith was cast and I was really disconcerted by his seeming total lack of eyebrows.

The amount of Vastra/Jenny fanservice in this episode seemed a bit breathtaking to me. (Pun most certainly intended.) As a fan being serviced, I find that I'm pretty okay with this.

Whenever a character in a movie or a TV show needs to hold their breath for something, I instinctively do the same, and then usually try to see how close I can get to holding my breath for the same amount of time. I did not come anywhere near holding my breath as long as Clara, which is good, since I also didn't black out and start hallucinating. (I did pretty much the same thing during Don't Blink, except with blinking, obviously.)

The ending of the episode was kind weird and, like the beginning, felt like it dragged on and on. The bit where Twelve is basically pleading with Clara to accept him I almost liked too much, like it was far too shamelessly iddy for me to be able to watch it without averting my eyes in embarrassment. Also, the Doctor's told himself he can't be Clara's boyfriend, but their bantering about Clara being a control freak made me really want some Clara/Twelve nonsexual D/s where she's an incredibly anxious novice domme and he's a super mouthy sub and they both really enjoy it. But that's probably just me.

My mom just flat out didn't think much of the episode. She told me she gave it one star, although she didn't say out of how many or whether zero stars was a possibility. I'm hoping that next week's episode has fewer weird meta references and better pacing.

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