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RIP Pantalaimon Mark IV, September 2008-18 August 2014

As of yesterday, my late 2008 aluminum MacBook no longer boots and I'm pretty sure he's dead. In the days leading up to his demise, abrupt power-downs due to overheating grew increasingly frequent. He was just shy of his sixth birthday and still running mostly current software, albeit not always as quickly as I would have liked.

Pan will be reincarnated as a new laptop, also named Pantalaimon because I am original like that, as soon as I get the money together.

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My sympathies. At least they give a little warning, don't they? Our last one shot the shit in Oct 2009, right before I came to KC, when the fan suddenly gave out and I had to rig another fan to shoot across it to keep it cool long enough to backup the hard drive and order a replacement. This one will be 5 soon, then. It needs to last until the next incarnation of windows comes out, because hell if I'll buy 8, and hell if I'll buy a mac.

In fact, the last one gave out about 3 weeks before the launch of Windows 7, so I waited until that was released before getting this one.
Ahahahaha, Windows 8. They've been doing this thing where only every other version of Windows is at all useable for a while now, but Windows 8 is a new low. I guess after producing a product that was as solid and useful as Windows 7, they really had to cut loose with some half-baked nonsense. Here's hoping they manage to hold it together long enough to put out Windows 9.

Yeah, it's nice to have backups. I kept my external backup drive plugged in all the time when it started having problems, so my most recent backup is probably within hours of time of death. So much easier than backing up to ever-increasing numbers of discs which then you have to label and try not to lose between backups.
I don't understand why, if something works, you immediately create a shitty non-functional successor program and try to force people onto it. It was similar with XP and Vista. The charity I worked for upgraded all their computers to Vista right after it came out and that was a shit sandwich and a half. We had to reboot every few hours because the system would get so bogged down and would freeze, even if all you were using was an Excel spreadsheet. I hope that if they upgraded later, they upgraded to 7 and not 8. I can't imagine they're still using Vista.

It seems like Apple is even starting to have these problems, which is sad. I've known people (Drawer Pulls among them) whose iPads went all berserk last time they updated the OS. I think it happened to Jane too.