Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

I was just thinking that it would be fun to reread the HP books. The last time I reread books 1-5 was just before Half-Blood Prince came out, and I listened to the Deathly Hallows audiobook within maybe a couple of months of when it came out (and I read the whole leaked carpet book to avoid being spoiled, that was fun. Especially the pages that were poorly focused) and that's ages ago now.

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Read 1-4, then stop. It's all downhill from there. Even my kindle gave up the ghost while trying to read Order of the Phoenix.
Oh, don't worry, it hasn't been so long that I've forgotten how much those last three books suffered from overly gentle/rushed editing. Book six is actually tighter (and shorter!) than five, but then book seven bogs down hardcore without the structure of the school year to fall back on. No wonder your Kindle lost the will to live.
I wanted to cry with book 7. It was like "They're on the run, they almost get caught, they get away." Repeat until the end. And the whole Deathly Hallows plot could have been omitted altogether, since destroying the Horcruxes was enough of a mission.

I just love the magic of the earlier books, with the Marauder's Map and the cloak and all the fun times down in Hogsmeade.
Some copies of the book managed to evade the publishers' embargo and one of them landed in the hands of a person who sought to share it with a wider audience by taking digital photos of every single page, like so. It hit the Internet a good five days before the book's publication, which was definitely longer than I was willing to stay offline to avoid malicious spoiler griefing, so I downloaded and read it myself. It got dubbed the carpet book because you can see that guy's carpet underneath the book and to distinguish it from other leaked books that were hoaxes (hilariously, some people insisted that the carpet book was also a hoax).
I totally missed that. My sister managed to read the book like three weeks after it came out and no one in the flesh spoiled her.
Heck, I managed not to learn any of the minor details of book 7 until two months ago. I knew which major characters died and that Harry lived, but I hadn't known about the less than stellar plot, or that a particular horrible power-hungry bureaucrat never gets her comeuppance.