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What I've been reading

I read Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics, because when I set about geeking out about a subject I like to be thorough.

I read The Voyeurs, which is one possible answer to the question how introverted and socially awkward can you be and still draw a compelling autobiographical comic? which, as an introverted and socially-awkward person, drew me in. Amusingly, her boyfriend during the first part of the period of time covered by this book was some French director named Michel who was working on some short films and stuff, and it wasn't until much later when she mentioned him leaving to make The Green Hornet that I realized oh, wait, that's Michel Gondry. (I am the only person I know who loved that stupid movie.)

I read March: Book One, the first volume of John Lewis's graphic autobiography, and it's really great.

I read Venus in Fur, the play by David Ives. Or rather, I was watching this bootleg recording of Venus in Fur, because I'd seen the gifs of Hugh Dancy on tumblr, and I was having trouble making out the dialogue at times, which is a problem in a talky play, but then I found this PDF of the script that maybe isn't supposed to be public but Google totally found it and that let me follow along. It's a meta play about a playwright who's written an adaptation of Sacher-Masoch's book and an actress who shows up to audition for it. I found it really smart and sexy, the smartness totally enhancing the sexiness for me.

I was then, for obvious reasons, inspired to reread Venus in Furs, and was honestly surprised by how funny I found it. For an absurdly masturbatory fantasy, it's oddly realistic about how tiresome and ultimately unsatisfying it might be to fulfill some dude's incredibly demanding 24/7 lifestyle. I think my favorite part though is how Aurora Rümelin was inspired by reading it to pursue a Venus in Furs-type relationship with the author, only to eventually write her own memoir about how tiresome and ultimately unsatisfying it was. Ahahahaha whoops. I'd really like to get ahold of that book sometime, because it sounds fascinating.

I also reread David Ives's classic collection of short plays, All in the Timing. Back in high school I assistant directed a production of three of them for class and it was awesome, even though we had to edit some of them for language ("You brought me into your freaking Philadelphia!").

I read, for the first time, another of David Ives's collections of short plays, Lives of the Saints. I was particularly taken by the one about the Maytag man who's in a relationship with a washing machine.

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Hey, did you ever read any of those John Norman Gor books? ISTR a decade or so when I was writing my smut blog, some chick in Colorado was totally inspired by them and wrote little stories that were based on them. Do you even remember what I'm talking about?
Oh man, Gor! So many people on the internet are so serious about those books, in spite of them being so terrible. Not that I have ever actually made it all the way through one, nor attempted it. The closest I've come is the deuterocanonical Houseplants of Gor.

I feel like Gor was/is really big on Second Life. Perhaps second only to furries.
Well, apparently they're also in the Virginia Beach e-library along with Nancy Drew. I might try to read one of them just to see how awful they are. It seems like the Overdrive system is full of bodice rippers and BDSM novels and series books.
Ahahahaha, that is amazing. (For comparison, MCPL has added zero Gor books to their Overdrive collection. I checked.)

You should totally read a Gor book for the lulz. I think the first handful of books in the series are more ridiculous pulp adventure stories and then they finally settle into the ridiculous porn that John Norman really wanted to write, so if you're just going to do one random Gor book I would probably go with one of the later ones.
That's good advice. I'll have to find a sequential list because I can't imagine reading more than one. I think the one that girl was inspired by was called like Dancer of Gor or Slave of Gor. I'll have to see how many the library has. It'd be something if they skipped the plot ones and went straight to the porn.

Ok, the library has 29 titles, but they're all in ePub format so that means I'd be reading them on iPad most likely, which means I"ll probably go blind from bleeding eyes. Also you can't return ePub books early like you can Kindle books. Oh well.

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