Wednesday reading — late Latin and space opera

What I've been reading

I read Literary Language and Its Public in Late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages, which is essentially a followup to precisely the parts of Mimesis that I was most particularly interested in, which was a happy discovery. I had to read it kind of quickly, though, because the out of system library that mine borrowed it from wanted it back on a tight turnaround for some reason, even though I have to imagine that it doesn't exactly fly off the shelves there. I kind of ship Otto III/Pope Sylvester II (né Gerbert d'Aurillac) now. Also in the introduction he quotes Vico, so this icon has literally never been more appropriate on any entry or comment I've used it on.

I read Cibola Burn, the new book in the Expanse series, which was a very pleasant surprise because I had thought it was a trilogy and all wrapped up but evidentally they're planning on writing at least nine of them! It's almost like Firefly getting uncanceled, because they scratch a similar narrative itch for me.

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