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Wednesday reading — scarabs, spaceships, short stories and long memories

What I've been reading

I finally finished Ancillary Justice and warmed up to it in the process. I would say the first half was pretty much an interminable slog for me, the third quarter began to come together and the end was even exciting.

I read Homo Zapiens to impress a guy I had a crush on whom I haven't seen in ten years and whose last name I don't remember so I can't even stalk him on Facebook. I do realize that this is extraordinarily unlikely to be effective, but, well, I'd made a mental note of the title when he mentioned it and it was lodged in the part of the brain devoted to crush objects, which is persistent and easily activated, so when I saw a used copy for a dollar I bought it and I read it. It is originally Russian, as the boy in question was, and seemed to me like what you would get if you mashed up The Master and Margarita with a dollop of Snow Crash and a pinch of Dilbert.

I read an best-of anthology of Connie Willis short stories for some reason, even though Connie Willis tends to annoy me at short story length. Actually, she often annoys me at novel length as well, but there it's generally compensated for by all the ways I find her incredibly readable. I do always like when there are little afterwords included after short stories, as there are with these.

I read the final three trades of Blue Beetle, and honestly the only one I thought was a really good story was volume 4, End Game, and considering the name I can kind of see why the title didn't make it that many issues past the conclusion of that story. Even the storylines I wasn't thrilled with had a bunch of nice character moments, though; I can definitely see why other people loved this comic. I hear the New 52 reboot was terrible (big surprise).

I read The Long Way Home and Best Kept Secret, the middle two installments in Ann M. Martin's Family Tree series. I was a bit disappointed that even though the latter book features a girl who is in her teens in the 1980s there was only one outfit described that I can remember and it wasn't even as exciting as what you would generally get in a BSC chapter two.

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