Wednesday reading — reality and representation

What I've been reading

I read Fire, the second Engelfors book. This one has canon lesbians and pining, two things which there can scarcely be too much of, although speaking of surfeits the way these books are written makes me wonder when paper got to be cheaper than editing. When I was an actual young adult, I suspect I might have been delighted if my favorite YA books were all two to four times longer so I could wallow in them, but now I am old and grumpy and think that frankly a lot of things could be shorter.

I read Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature, which I think may have been the single work, other than obviously Dante's own, that Prof. Freccero referenced most often in his lectures in the Divine Comedy class I took, and since he idolized Erich Auerbach and I idolized him, the transitive property of idolatry dictates that I had been meaning to read this book for a long time. (It helped significantly that I found a used copy in the clearance section at Half Price Books.) The first half or so is most relevant to my interests: the Dante section, obviously, but also the classical and medieval stuff.

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