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Wednesday reading — long and short

What I've been reading

I finished reading War and Peace, after a long intermission of having put it down and read other books instead. I was so sad that Prince Andrei died, because I was totally shipping him with Pierre. Princess Marya/Natasha bonding over mourning him is my consolation ship, though.

I reread Tied Up in Tinsel. The central conceit, an English country house staffed entirely by convicted murderers, is pretty ridiculous (and also a cheat; some of them are actually manslaughterers), but it works anyway because Troy is the viewpoint character again in this one and she is the best. ♥Troy♥

I reread Black As He's Painted, wherein the role of the semi-obligatory romance subplot is played by a retired diplomat and a stray cat. It is charming.

What I'm reading next

Jo Walton's new book, My Real Children, just came out and it looks really good.

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