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Wednesday reading — two kinds of people (psychopaths and mystery writers)

Whoops, I just realized that it is Wednesday. It's been a long day, okay?

What I've been reading

I reread Clutch of Constables, which was the first Troy book in some time and made me so happy because I love Troy to pieces. The little framing bits where Alleyn is actually teaching the case to his pupils are also delightful. The setup is actually quite similar to Singing in the Shrouds—trying out a different sort of murderer, in this case a professional thief, and once again putting everyone on a boat to mimic the typical scenario with a limited set of suspects who all interact with each other—but much more enjoyable, because Troy.

I reread When in Rome, which has Alleyn thinking to himself that he's sounding like Sherlock Holmes and then doing a very Holmesian thing: letting a murderer who killed a blackmailer get away with it. This book also contains the most amazing scenes of Alleyn trying to persuade various drugs-takers that he would like to take some drugs. They are so unconvinced by him. It is hilarious.

I read Dissecting Hannibal Lecter: Essays on the Novels of Thomas Harris, and was pleasantly surprised by the essays therein, all of which were reasonably interesting and thoughtful. It's funny, though, because Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs are legitimately significant texts that partook of and contributed to a zeitgeist, whereas Hannibal and Hannibal Rising (i.e. the woobie cannibal duology) are…not. They're more like Hannibal Lecter fic, which people only read because they're already in the Hannibal Lecter fandom, and as in the rest of Hannibal fandom the response to the woobie cannibal duology among the writers in this collection is decidedly mixed.

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