Wednesday reading — five Alleyn mysteries in a row

What I've been reading

I finished Death of a Fool even though it was a slog. I think it has the most annoying cast of non-reocurring characters I've encountered in an Alleyn mystery since Death in Ecstacy, especially the Andersen clan. Even the obligatory young het couple are rather dull, and I usually find them strangely charming.

I reread Singing in the Shrouds, which is an odd hybrid—a serial killer story contrived in such a way that Alleyn can investigate it in more or less the same way he would a ‘normal’ murder, with the added bonus that Alleyn, the suspects, and the potential victims are all trapped on a ship at sea together. It's not terrible, although the psychological explanation for the killer's actions is kind of hilariously pat.

I reread False Scent, about which I cannot think of a single exciting thing to say, positive or negative. It was pretty much just there.

I reread Hand in Glove, which was my favorite out of this slightly perfunctory run of middle books. I quite like both Nicola (who is never called 'Cola') and Andrew the artist whom Troy accepts as a pupil, who with the advancing years of publication are I believe the first young love interests to negotiate the possibility of premarital sex, although Nicola quashes it.

I reread Dead Water, which ends with Alleyn getting concussed, coming to with Troy sitting by his side, but not able to relax until Fox is there, too, and then everything is fine. OT3 feels! ♥ Also the prospect of Alleyn's formidable French language tutor giving Fox weekly coaching sessions delights me.

What I'm reading next

I've finally come to Killer Dolphin, which I remember as being superb and which I definitely reread many times. I hope not to be unpleasantly surprised.

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