Wednesday reading — killers and love letters

What I've been reading

I read Hannibal Rising, even though everyone recommends against it. It completes the woobification of Hannibal that was begun in the novel of that name, but as my AO3 browsing history clearly demonstrates, I don't necessarily have a problem like that. The downside is that, like Hannibal, it balances "things I secretly like best" with "things that are too OTT ridic even for me". You just kind of have to go with it if you want to read the Woobie Cannibal duology.

I reread Scales of Justice, returning to my Ngaio Marsh reread of last summer. This book wasn't a particular favorite and I don't think I had ever reread it; upon doing so, I noticed that it plays more unfairly than usual, with a lot of "Alleyn explained how he thought the murder was done and everyone nodded sagely"-type narration.

I read Jenny Han's new book, To All the Boys I've Loved Before. It contains, like the Summer trilogy, a love triangle where two of the parties are siblings, although this time it's the protagonist and her older sister—who, incidentally, leaves to study at St. Andrews, my study abroad alma mater! It also contains a really fun version of one of my favorite tropes, the fake relationship, and I'm not even disappointed that, like seemingly all books need to be these days, it is part of a trilogy and doesn't have the strongest volume completion.

I caught up on the latest several story arcs of The Unwritten, which I liked, although I really wasn't a fan of the Fables crossover.

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