Wednesday reading — playing tricks

What I've been reading

I read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, one of David Levithan's books cowritten with Rachel Cohn. It was fun, but man, they claim that their process involves tag team writing with no planning beforehand and it really does feel WIP-y.

I read The Gospel of Loki, which is a telling of Norse mythology from Loki's perspective, with some fun magical worldbuilding and lots of breezy anachronistic narration. It is marketed as Joanne Harris's first "adult" fantasy novel, but it actually feels markedly less complex than her Loki-ful middle grade fantasy, Runemarks, which is pretty much perfect. It also apparently has a sequel that my library doesn't have, and which apparently many people are disappointed with. But it was fun, and good original-flavor!Loki stories are hard to come by.

I read The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, a Veronica Mars book picking up just after the movie that Rob Thomas co-wrote. I'm actually surprised that he never tried a novel continuation between when the show was canceled and the movie was kickstarted, or maybe he did and it just didn't get anywhere, leaving the way clear to save all the good stuff for the movie. The book is nothing super-special, but it's a solidly enjoyable Veronica Mars story, and apparently there are going to be more of them, so that could be fun.

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