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a long time ago we used to be fans

My mom and I went to see Veronica Mars this afternoon and we loved it! I'd hated season three and it had retrospectively cast a pall over everything that I'd loved about the show, so I was really glad that Rob Thomas got a chance to revisit Neptune Beach with something better.

I hadn't followed anything about the production aside from the confirmation of returning cast members, being a devout spoilerphobe, but I knew that there was going to be some kind of This American Life connection because I follow them on twitter and they posted red carpet pictures. I had absolutely no idea that James Franco was going to appear playing James Franco, though, so that was hilarious. I was the only one in our theatre laughing hysterically when was complaining that Veronica didn't really have manuscript pages from the Silmarillion for him, though; slightly nerdy joke, I guess.

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