Mai Yamani

Wednesday reading — colors

What I've been reading

I read The King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories, which is an infallible sign that someone has gotten caught up in True Detective. "The Repairer of Reputations" was by far my favorite story; as an added bonus it's really great if you're a fellow NYU alum or otherwise have spent a lot of time around Washington Square Park.

I read Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green, a really fun YA trilogy about time travel. Once I started the first one, I read the next two immediately in succession.

I read Another Show, Evgeni Plushenko's 2007 autobiography, thanks to the unofficial translation on his official forums, which are pretty awesome that way.

What I'm reading next</i>

Who can say?

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Oh, I'm glad you liked the Precious Stones trilogy too! sineala didn't really, and then I was sad because I'd made her read them.
Alas that book recommendations are not an exact science. :( But I enjoyed them greatly, so thank you! ♥