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Friday fics — figure skaters ate my brain

As Far As I Could Throw Him by anonymous
Written for the prompt "So, in an imaginary world where the ISU have decided to openly back equality in regards to sexuality, they decide to have a one-time-only competition with same sex pairs to raise money for charity." Basically, Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin have to skate pairs. Because of reasons.

Okay, I have to warn you up front that this is another unfinished kink meme fill. Specifically, it is 25,000 words of UST, misunderstandings and pining, cruelly cut off just as they finally admit to feelings but before anything else, which is supremely frustrating. Also, it made me like Alexei Yagudin, which is not okay. (There's a Yagudin fan in the comments similarly complaining about being made to like Plushenko, hee. Actual Alexei Yagudin keeps being a dick though so it's easy to keep disliking him.) But I just love this fic so much.

Maybe Just Tonight by anonymous
Written for the prompt "Evgeni Plushenko/Alexei Yagudin/Aleksandr Abt" and set after the 1998 Europeans where they swept the podium.

Poor Sasha Abt, plagued by injuries and overshadowed by the rivalry between these two young whippersnappers. At least here he benefits sexually from their competitiveness.

Super Stans by toward_the_left
Written for the prompt "I want fic where Johnny is the biggest Plushenko stan on the internet. Under a clever username, he constantly posts Plushy picspams on _skating, defends him against haters at fsu/ goldenskate/AJ/every other site that's not _skating, runs his own Plushy comm, fills all the Yagsplush prompts on the kinkmeme, so on and so forth. One day, Stephane finds out Johnny's secret and mercilessly teases him. Then Johnny finds out Stephane has a secret of his own... he's the biggest Lambiel stan on the internet. Cue them trolling each other online and irl. Lulzy, ridiculous trolling." Continued here

This is probably funnier if you've spent hours combing through all the troll prompts and drama on skatingkink in hopes of finding an elusive end to an unfinished fill, which is what I did, but still. Johnny fills Stéphane's prompt with furry smut!

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