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What is the deal with there being a team figure skating event? What is the deal with there being a whole evening's worth of sports the day before the opening ceremonies? What is the deal with the former beginning during the later, causing me to miss the 2014 Olympic début of my beloved Evgeni Plushenko???

Don't worry, though, I found a sketchy cam video to tide myself over with. Also Johnny Weir posted a cute picture of himself and Tara Lipinski posing with Plushy on his Instagram to make my shipper heart go pitter-pat. So that's something.

My new favorite Russian athlete of these games is Alexey Sobolev, who seems like both a badass (playing coy with his Pussy Riot-themed board art) and a dork (putting his phone number on his helmet to see what would happen).

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What the heck is team figure skating? I thought they were just talking about pairs, but I read somewhere that it was a "new" event?

I'm not watching this year. Don't have time for all the non-coverage.
Same thing as team gymnastics, basically—everyone does their thing individual event, gets scored, country with the highest combined score wins. It's actually surprising that they hadn't thought of doing it before, since figure skating, like gymnastics, is such a draw, plus the Winter Olympics have about a third as many sports as their older sibling Summer anyway.

I'm kind of mad that I apparently missed Bob Costas explaining about how he got an eye infection from his poorly-constructed hotel room and has to wear glasses now. Of all the hours of Bob Costas that I have watched, semi-voluntarily, I miss the most ridiculous-sounding Bob Costas moment ever. Unfair.
Hee. I was wondering if like they weren't force-pairing the female individuals and the male individuals to do a pair routine, because that would be interesting. Guy does quadruple axel and girl skates around him prettily, only to get wiped out when he flubs the landing and skids across the ice.