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It's ALA Youth Media Awards announcement day! I celebrated as I traditionally do, by rushing to put holds on a bunch of winning and honor books before everyone else does the same thing. This year I'm no deeper than five on the waitlist for anything, which is not bad. I look forward to receiving and perusing these items.

I'm kind of underwhelmed by the prospect of another Newbery win for Kate DiCamillo, but Flora & Ulysses looks like it might be kind of cute, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. I'm utterly baffled by the presence of Navigating Early, the sophomore effort of Newbery winner Clare Vanderpool, on the Prinz honor list, because a.) I hated, hated, HATED this book, and b.) there is nothing YA about it. It is a very young book. That I hated. A lot.

Other award and honor books that I'd already read include Doll Bones (Newbury Honor, liked it a lot), Eleanor & Park (Prinz Honor, liked it), Rose Under Fire (Schnieder Family Award (teen category), loved it), and Two Boys Kissing (Stonewall Honor, disappointed by it). Incidentally, I really appreciate the existence of the Stonewall Book Award for GLBT books, even though I feel like sometimes their selections are a little mediocre and disappointing, but their logo is terrible. It looks like someone made it in Microsoft Word in five minutes. The actual seal version is a little bit better, but not much, like, Photoshop and ten minutes. This needs work. Literally all the other awards look more appealing.

The most exciting news I received from the YMAs, however, is that there is a new audiobook of Matilda read by Kate Winslet, which received an Odyssey Honor and which I can't wait to listen to. ♥

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Thanks! I'd seen fox1013 LiveTweeting, so I saw that "This year's two Stonewall winners are about a young queer woman and a young trans man," but I wasn't successful in finding a list of the winners, so thank you for posting that :)
Yay! The ALA website crashed pretty hard under the initial onslaught this morning, but it seems to be about 98% functional now. The official Youth Media Awards twitter livetweets every year, but they only give winners and not honorees.

Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on both Stonewall winners this year!