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2013 books in review

I used the data from my year in books on Goodreads to construct some charts!

my book 46, ebook 96, library book 88, interlibrary loan 13

I read more paper books than ebooks and twice as many books from libraries (my own and others) as books that I actually own (and thus can put off reading indefinitely).

nonfiction 50, fiction 212

I read way more fiction than nonfiction.

academic 15, popular 26

A little over a third of those works of nonfiction were academic, with the remainder being written for a popular audience.

children's and YA 80, adult 212

Returning to fiction, a little over a third of the fiction I read was children's or YA, while the rest was published for adults (I didn't use a shelf to track how much of that fiction was "adult").

fantasy 44, science 18, superheroes 16, miscellaneous 24

I have a shelf for "speculative fiction", which is the umbrella term I like for science fiction, fantasy, and things that don't slot precisely into either of those genres. When I started reading superhero comics I made a shelf specifically for them, since Marvel and DC comics combine the two pretty freely. Fantasy dominates the speculative fiction shelf, unsurprisingly; miscellaneous/not categorized further comes in second, which makes sense, because I like weird things.

Les Misérables 1.89%, other 98.11%

Finally, Goodreads says that I read 77,462 pages last year, and that the longest book I read is Les Misérables at 1,463 pages, making Les Mis a little less than two percent of what I read during the year.

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I pretty much only read ebooks when we're moving. I almost never read books I own. I rarely read fiction. I read exactly two books that I own, one ebook and one paper book. I'll have to do more stats later.