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I watched the The Time of the Doctor, of course, wearing the TARDIS pajamas that Bev got me for Christmas.

I am going to miss Matt Smith so much. I just love his ridiculous face. Speaking of which, I wish they hadn't done all that with the old age makeup; once you try to add more than maybe twenty years or so it just looks preposterous, and see above re: my attachment to his ridiculous face. And also I wish that they hadn't officially confirmed Clara as a Doctor-fancying companion, although this is somewhat hypocritical of me, as see above re: my attachment to his ridiculous face.

I also watched the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 and played along at home. I only managed to get 21 points myself, but at least I beat out Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall, who only had 12. I thought it was a good year for the BFQ and all the teams had good chemistry together (read: I ship them all). My favorite bit was when Jack Whitehall is reading out one of the lame dad jokes Jonathan Ross is forcing on him and genuinely cracks up at a terrible pun on Edward Snowden's name.

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