NaNoWriMo debrief

Owing to some poor awesome life choices, I ended up writing the last ten thousand words of my NaNoWriMo in the last two days. I wouldn't go to far as to say that I recommend this, but it was at least more sensible than the year that I wrote the last eight thousand words in the last one day. Just…don't do that.

I'm pretty satisfied with this year's effort. It's very recognizably a NaNo novel, which it should be because it is one, but at least it has a discernible plot with a beginning, middle, and end, which is also basically true of 2006, 2008, and 2012's wins, but not so much 2010 or 2011's (and the less said about 2007 and 2009's failed attempts, the better). And it was fun!

I actually like my story well enough that I'd consider tackling it over again with more research, although that version will probably end up being quite different, because research. There is plenty of stuff in the current draft that is based on actual things that I read, but it's strung together with quite a bit of handwaving, and the fact-to-handwaving ratio plummets considerably towards the end.

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Wanna exchange nanos? I'll read yours really soon, because I'm reading this kludgy self-help book right now, and a stock ticker might be more compelling. Then again it could be a horrible font choice.
Sure! Like I told Bev, I'm going to rewrite the last chapter/epilogue/last 1500 words that I wrote because it needed 1500 more words in the next couple of days, as soon as I can stand to look at it again, because no one else should have to. You can wait for that version, or get the shorter version now.

Want me to format it for Kindle?
If you want to revise first, that's cool, then format it for kindle.
What format do you want? I wrote it in MS word but I can change it in calibre.
Awesome! You can send it to me as an .epub or a Word doc. I might make a cover to put on it and it might be terrible.
i send it to your pinch of address.
Hell, if you read it and find a better title (or hell, any title), go for it.