Things I learned while visiting my friends in Boston, a non-exhaustive list

  • When you don't actually have public transportation to take, you get out of practice at maintaining your balance on a moving train, even though you still think that you should be able to do it.

  • In spite of your optimistic plans, you are not likely to get much written on your NaNo when you have people to talk to that you haven't seen in years. At least one of the things we talked about extensively was NaNo, so there was a kind of progress there.

  • If you wear a TARDIS scarf around Boston, you will get comments on it. The ticket guy at the JFK archives wished me a happy 50th anniversary of the Doctor this weekend, and some guy on the street downtown asked me if it was bigger on the inside. (Answer: yes, of course it is! I mean, it's a scarf, and you can't really open it up without damaging it, so you can't prove that it's not.) This hasn't happened in the Kansas City metro area yet. I'm just saying.

  • Half the advertisements on the T are for incredibly specific medical studies, like right-handed people 18-25 who will fill out a survey about their childhood memories.

  • There are at least three superb Thor vids to Lonely Island songs: (Loki is) Like a Boss, Threw it on the Ground, and I Just Had Sex. These made us and everyone we showed them to very happy.

  • Southwest Airlines sometimes employs child labor to hand out in-flight snacks. To be fair, the child labor seemed pretty excited about it.

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Is that why the both of you have made almost zero wordcount over the past week or so?

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I should too, but I can't write when conversations are going on around me. Right now there's one going on between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.
What happens if your novel ends at 49,924 words or something? Find a dull spot and input a poem or two?

Hey, here's a cool widget, mainly only cool because I'm still on pace.

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Yeah, I don't work well when my language processing center is saturated. I don't know how Jane Austen ever managed (to take a single example).

I might totally have set my NaNo timezone to Alaska for a time buffer to deal with any potential winning difficulties. (I also prefer having my post-midnight words attached to the previous day, and you can edit daily totals by hand, but it's easier this way.)
I should do that, but there aren't many more time zones to the west of me. (Honestly though I haven't finished any later than 12:45 on any given night, so it might not matter.)
I was going to start writing on Halloween night, but I held off because I thought it might be cheating, but if it really comes down to an hour or two on November 30th, I screwed up somewhere along the way. That 721st hour can't be the one that makes all the difference.

I wonder how many more words I could add by turning all my hyphens into spaces. I have ten in the first two pages, and I'm on page 75.
Me : Alaska :: You : Midway Island

You can always check your wordcount ahead of time to make sure that your wordcount and the official tally are basically on track. Assuming yours is, you should be totally fine anyway.
I've been told I need to come to Boston more often. :P I know that at least the friends I was staying with and some of their friends-of would theoretically be up for a game of Slash someday.