talking otters and flying cows

I met Chris "NaNoWriMo" Baty at the Johnson County Library tonight! I've got a picture to prove it and everything!

He's a really nice and entertaining guy, exactly the sort of person who could convince a bunch of people to do something crazy like writing novels in a month. I was so inspired that I have already made up yesterday's deficit and am looking to tackle today's, starting, oh, approximately now.

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Awesome. Is he writing a novel this month or just promoting the novel-writing thing?
I got behind trying to read 250 pages of Jim Henson bio on Mon/Tues/today, but I'll get back on track.
Yup, he still does it every year. He says by this point he's pretty much conditioned at this point that when the leaves start falling, he has to start typing something.

Apparently he's originally from JoCo and his dad came to the talk tonight. (Chris Baty: Dad, do you want to stand up? Chris Baty's dad: No.)