Wednesday reading — kissing and making up

What I've been reading

Um. Not very much, at least qua books. I mean, I'm reading this great master's thesis on the literary significance of clothing in the Icelandic family sagas.

I read Thor: Gods on Earth, just because the library happened to have the trade, and I hated it. Seriously, it's so bad. The storyline is what if Thor decided to actually get serious about using his power to solve problems on earth, with a bunch of excruciatingly bad sidelights on how religious people would react (spoiler alert: mostly with suicide bombings). The whole thing feels like an incredibly childish attempt to depict the moral complexity of post-9/11 America, and the publication dates given were 2002-3, so that was probably a thing. A thing that did not work at all. Because it was terrible.

I also read David Levithan's new solo book, Two Boys Kissing, and it was…okay? I mean, I liked it better than Invisibility, his second-to-last book that was co-written with Andrea Cremer, but it was really short, and the various slice-of-life protagonists hardly got any actual page time at all because there is so much narration written in the voice of All the Dead Gays Who Came Before and it really dominates the book.

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Nano is derailing my book a week thing for this year. Of course, moving cross-country got me off pace too, so if I only read 45 out of 50 I won't beat myself up for it.
Also I read Bev's novel and someone else's book that weren't countable on my tally.

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