Mai Yamani

Weeping and gnashing of teeth

I will lift mine laptop unto the air, whence cometh mine internet.

Seriously, my AirPort range can stop sucking any day now. Maybe it's these new networks in the area ("spring86", "Lafayette" and "Our Network" are all suspect) interfering with the broadcasting. I downloaded almost all of the 40 MB Mac OS 10.2.8 update holding Pan up at the right angle.

Anyway. Guess who finally figured out how to make an S2 layer and enter override-type things into it to make up for the lack of customization options offered by A Sturdy Gesture? (That would be me.) So now I have customized comment text, which was irking me mightily, and my own date format. I am so very easily amused.

Why oh why, I ask, must it be so cold out? And my Robots professor respondeth, or at least so he sayeth on Wednesday, it is because since the hurricane the wind has been coming off the Atlantic rather than from New Jersey.

This is the one time in my life you will find me saying I prefer that which comes from New Jersey to that that comes across the Atlantic.

It's a good thing they finally turned on some heat on in this building, or damn.
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