I decided to dress as Girl Loki for Halloween. This is less of a costume and more of an outfit, as I just took the Kid Loki t-shirt which I already own and paired it with black tights, a short black skirt, and a long black hoodie sweater with gray embroidery which I also already own instead of crafting a thoughtful and detailed genderswapped Kid Loki costume from scratch, which is something I would not be capable of doing at all, much less on short notice. It was something to wear while I doled out candy in dribs and drabs in our relatively quiet neighborhood.

I also inflicted the pink princess costume on the dog, who hates it, but the kids love it. She figured out pretty quickly that she can get the hat off by herself, so that doesn't last long, which is unfortunate, because it is really the cutest part.

I have an idea for NaNoWriMo that I like, at least for the moment, but we'll see if that liking survives its first encounter with a blank page. I also have several half-finished [community profile] kink_bingo fills that don't quite make a line yet and clearly aren't going to be posted pre-amnesty anyway, since that would be a matter of hours from now, and, uh, no.

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I don't know, but he looked pretty indifferent (and adorable). He's a maltese puppy, so I guess he's used to being carried and coerced. He's like 19 oz.
My dog too hates being a pretty pretty princess and has the costume off in moments, so I have given up on Halloween for her. Alas. :(
Greta is a pretty pretty princess even when she isn't wearing the costume. ♥ But she would be sososo cute in the costume! Alas indeed.