Mai Yamani

Drabble: Sometimes the One You Least Expect

This, my foray into femslash, was intended to be rather longer, but it wasn't getting written like that, so it got turned into a drabble instead.

Marietta/Cho. 100 words. Really contains no objectionable content to speak of.

Sometimes the One You Least Expect

Cho Chang made it onto the Quidditch team. Marietta Edgecomb waited for her after practices.

Cho paraded around Hogwarts on handsome Cedric Diggory's arm. Marietta waited.

Cho cried all that summer. Marietta waited.

Cho clung soppily to famous Harry Potter. Marietta waited.

Cho joined Dumbledore's Army to learn hexes and save the world. She was surprised by what she found on her best friend's forehead.

"I got tired of waiting," Marietta explained when pressed. The brand still bothered Cho, but she found that she couldn't picture it clearly any more when Marietta kissed her.
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