meddling in the affairs of wizards

Level 3 Amulet of Plot Devices

As Yuletide season is already upon us, and NaNoWriMo is swiftly approaching, many of you may be casting about for suitable distractions to procrastinate with. (Hey, it's a very important part of my creative process!)

In that vein, I proffer Card Hunter, a cute and polished free flash game that is a sort of hybrid Dungeons & Dragons/Magic: the Gathering mashup. I am also mayhap there and I gather that there is presently a competitive multiplayer and some kind of prospect for a cooperative multiplayer mode, although I've just been playing campaign mode.

Conversely, if what you instead lack is NaNoWriMo motivation (and I'm looking at you here, coercedbynutmeg), here is a copy of No Plot? No Problem! in original .epub and converted .mobi formats.

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