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Dear Yuletide Author 2013

Dear Yuletide Author,

I am so excited that we matched on one of these things and that you're writing a story for me!

I am super-easy to please and I like a wide range of stories—short, punchy stories and longer, plottier stories, explicitly porny and/or kinky stories and coy stories that are all about the teasing and the implication, stories with some kind of meta angle to them and stories that engage with the source material 100% on its own level.

Please do feel utterly free to take anything that inspires you whatsoever from my prompts and take it in whatever direction you please. I'm so looking forward to reading what you write!

The Bugle (podcast)
Any (John Oliver, Andy Zaltzman, Producer Chris)

Textual fanfic for an audio newspaper for a visual world! I want you to feel free to do literally anything with this request whatsoever. Bugle RPF, Bugle pastiche, ridiculous over-elaborations on even the most minor of Bugle sketches, running jokes or off-hand references, The Bugle: Yuletide edition, pun runs on the subject of your choice, some kind of mashup or fusion with another fandom(s), something I haven't come close to imagining, ANYTHING. I just really, REALLY love the Bugle and would love to share the love with some fellow Buglers this Yuletide. (P.S. [bleep] you, Chris!)

The Once and Future King — T. H. White

I love all three of them so much and just want them to be happy together, or at least, unhappy in a different way together. I would love fluffy happy threesomes or angsty bittersweet threesomes or a story about a time when they all had fun together or a story about how they hurt each other even when they don't mean to. I love the anachronistic mash-up time period of the book, but I also think a modern story with a returned future Arthur could be really interesting if you wanted to do something with that and get outside of the inevitable tragic ending that way. If there happens to be a place in your story for a sarcastic jerkass knight, I would never say no to a cameo by Sir Kay, because I love that idiot.

Dialogues — Plato

It is entirely contrary to the thesis Plato is setting forth in the Symposium for Socrates and Alcibiades to have sex. Well, as Plato warned in Phaedrus, his writing is now quite unable to protect or help itself, and I absolutely think Socrates and Alcibiades should have had sex. I love the role reversal in the beautiful younger man begging for the attentions of the older one. Does Socrates talk philosophy in bed, or does he turn his eponymous method to other matters? Did Alcibiades really vandalize all the Herms in Athens, and if so, what did he do with all those stone phalluses? Also, who tops? (I have zero preference either way, just that given the period, they should probably have some kind of opinion and/or disagreement about it. You decide!)

Curse Workers series — Holly Black
Cassel Sharpe
Lila Zacharov

I think these two have absolutely smoldering chemistry throughout the entire trilogy, and I would absolutely love a story about what they're like when they're not in an adversarial relationship--or, more realistically, a less adversarial relationship. A con story would be great fun, even--or maybe especially--if it's a very small or silly con. You could delve into the magical politics, which are awesome and fascinating, or you can completely handwave the future magicopolitical situation if you're not writing that kind of story. On the pornier side, I would love an exploration of Cassel's budding kinky side, including his early taste for masochism and submission (ear-piercing scene, whee!). If you want to write kink, feel free to let your own tastes and/or characterizations lead you where they will; I'm more into how they feel about it than any specific acts. My only squicks/non-desired kinks here are permanent non-decorative disfigurement (piercings or scarification would actually be kind of in character for this pairing...) and 24/7 D/s, but conversely please don't feel like I'm demanding that you write something "extreme" rather than, say, Lila pinning Cassel's wrists and bossing him around in bed, because believe me, that would be just as cool.

Verfolgt | Punish me (2006)
Jan Winkler
Elsa Siefert

I love how this film takes a scenario that is pure dirtybadwrong id-fuel and treats it with a clear-eyed sympathy. I'm primarily interested in what happens to them afterwards—does Jan ever learn how to ask for what he wants without first inappropriately stalking an authority figure? Does Elsa pursue her unexpected interest in sadomasochism in a more ethically-appropriate manner, and how: in a relationship, with an outside play partner, pro-domme work? Do either or both of them manage to recapture the spark in a licit relationship, and how do they go about it? Do they ever encounter each other again, accidentally or on purpose, after months or after years, and if so, how do they interact? If they go their separate ways, you could write about them each separately in two strands, or you have my official permission to write a story that focuses primarily on Elsa or primarily on Jan where the other never appears onscreen, so to speak. I really like the metaphor Elsa uses about entering a blue room to describe how she feels when she's doing a scene with Jan, and it would be really cool to see that elaborated on, which could be chronologically during the film, or not. If Elsa is found out and officially sanctioned for her relationship with Jan it could be a really interesting added dimension to the theme of punishment, but the one thing I absolutely do not want is a story that has zero sympathy for her although it's not necessary to condone her actions.

(If this film sounds relative to anyone's interests, you might want to download this. 700 MB .avi with hardcoded English subs.)

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