practically perfect


You know how you read about heroin being invented for use as a cough suppressant and you think whoa, that sounds like some crazy overkill? And then you get a serious business cough and you think, no, actually, some heroin sounds great right about now?¹

So yeah, I've been coughing my damn head off for nearly a week now and it's really starting to get to me. Combined with the full-body ache and the quasi-feverish inability to concentrate on anything, I've been gravitating towards undemanding tasks like rereading old Trixie Belden books and rewatching old episodes of That Mitchell and Webb Look, because even non-sketch television shows require too much sustained attention. I did make this icon, though, because the illustration was too cute and I couldn't resist (and now I wish all my Trixies were the so-called deluxe editions, because the interior illustrations are gorgeous. I have three of them, along with a mix of oval paperbacks and "ugly" hardcovers, plus two cameos, which also have nice interior illustrations).

For the curious, in this scene Honey is equipping Trixie with a fake diamond ring to wear in place of her real one, which she has gotten her parents to remove from their safety deposit box, ostensibly to impress Honey's visiting cousin Ben but in fact as a deposit on a used car her brother wants to buy.²

[Honey] linked her arm through Trixie's and she strolled down the stairs. "Jim and I think you're just wonderful, Trixie. Practically perfect. So don't pay any attention to Ben when he makes stupid remarks. I mean, don't stay away from here all week on account of him. The house party is all set. Di has accepted. I invited her for the whole vacation when I asked her to come out today because I suddenly remembered that she and Ben are both music-lovers. They'll probably spend the whole time listening to records, so we won't ever see them, except at meals." She stopped to catch her breath.

Trixie hugged her arm. "You're the one who's wonderful, Honey," she said softly. "Practically perfect."
Sharp-eyed BSC fans will notice that I used Kristy's handwriting font. It's pretty similar to the handwriting used for Trixie's "signature" on the book's endpapers,³ it was already on my computer, and it makes a cute kidlit girlslash Easter egg.

¹Don't do heroin.

²This scheme is in fact every bit as harebrained as it sounds and in fact in many respects this book does not hold up so well, alas.

³The previous owner of my copy of The Mystery Off Glen Road, one Janelle Johnson, taught herself to forge both Trixie and Honey's signatures. I did likewise, although since I didn't actually write on the book's endpapers I don't know where my own efforts are.

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